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I cashed in the free three-days subscription to Wo W that was sitting in my gift claim box place area zone, figuring that it expires on the 28th anyway, so I might as well use it near a weekend where I will be indoors alot (seriously, 100 degrees on Saturday – i’m going to hide through it.) .. I stepped into the nazjatar area, but i’m behind in every story plot point for a long time, far longer than three days will give me to catch up on, given that I also have work and the rest of life to work on.

I know most of the story already because i kept up to date on it via wowhead and cinematics and stuff, but my character hasn’t personally gone through it.

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But I am not playing Horde much this expansion, and so I’m hoping some Horde mains will speak up here and correct me if I’m giving you incorrect information. One is Nazjatar itself — Azshara’s Eternal Palace ends with the fight atop N’Zoth’s prison, and those giant glowing chains certainly seem to indicate another Titan facility much like Ulduar or the facitlity that C’Thun corrupted into Ahn’Qiraj.

As far as I’m aware, you can rock on into 8.2 content as soon as you log in and don’t have to worry about backtracking. Before you head to Highmountain to recover the essence of the Black Dragonflight for your Heart of Azeroth, if you question MOTHER further on her calculations findings, she says she detected an additional Titan facility which she recommends not going to for now. There’s also Mechagon, which absolutely seems to me like it qualifies as a Titan facility, and remember that list of Titan facilities that the Maiden of Vitality ran off when she was impaled inside the Heart Chamber when we first got there?

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