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According to Amy, “By being selective in whom we admit for membership, and then doing an excellent job for our clients, we elevate Linx to a higher level of ethical business standards and are very proud to stand by this philsophy.” Some Linx clients have a public or professional reputation to worry about and require a certain level of discretion as they date.These individuals generally choose to hire matchmakers because online dating doesn’t offer enough privacy or hands-on service.While Amy specializes in serving Silicon Valley’s dating population, she can reach out to potential date prospects across the country and around the world on behalf of her clients.

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Men vastly outnumber women in the area, and the singles who pursue careers in the tech world often have high intelligence quotients but low emotional quotients.Many intelligent, ambitious, and analytical professionals flock to Silicon Valley because it’s the tech capital of the world.It has a reputation as a vibrant, tech-savvy area where careers flourish and fortunes are made.“The Linx network was built with an old-world style DNA of courtship, trusted referrals, and concierge service to clients, whether that means making dinner reservations or 24-hour access to advice, coaching, and support through the dating process.” Linx Dating’s matchmaking services aren’t for everyone.Amy said she targets a specific type of educated, successful, and relationship-minded clientele.

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