Who is jake ryan dating

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~sigh~ So, how does Cody feel about how things ended between Miley and Jake AKA the cheating scandal that broke your Jiley heart.

Cody still thinks that they would have ended up together after the show ended.

However, Kat was insistent she escaped with her boyfriend, and Robbo got violent, punching Ash in the face before the couple made a swift exit.Fans first saw Robbo in Home and Away in 2017, when he stole his way to Summer Bay - then struck up a relationship with police officer Kat Chapman.Here's all you need to know about the bad boy's role in the Aussie soap and what actor Jake Ryan's background is.But who is the Vine famous turned Disney Channel star dating? They seemed like a perfect couple until Alissa posted a heart wrenching You Tube video claiming that Jake emotionally abused her and cheated on her constantly.But she can’t escape him because she is signed to his Team 10 agency and he get’s 20% of all of her profits.

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