Who is casey anthony dating 2016

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But many feel he may have had a hand in her disappearance.

As her family searches for answers, the tale takes a tragic turn that no one sees coming.

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The reason people familiar with the case will want to watch this is because there are some new interviews with the people involved in the case from the Judge to a juror to some of the prosecution.Casey Anthony just returned from London, where she was visiting a shrine for Amy Winehouse. “Yes, Jesse and I are dating,” Casey told WWN’s own, Foxington Delware, in Los Angeles.James tweeted that he was dating Casey, but quickly removed it when he was getting a massive number of “hate tweets.” Kat Von D recently split with Jesse James saying, “I love Jesse, but he’s horrible in bed.” Kat is now back with Nikki Sixx.She was brought to trial for the murder of her daughter and the pre-trial and trial would get some very heated debates across America.As a documentary this series works extremely well and especially if you're not familiar with the story.

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