Tips for dating a polish girl

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Fundamentally, this boils down to a set of expectations.In the 12 years I have lived in Poland, I have misjudged a few situations, but have made many more observations on this matter.Most things that have a common goodness (food, alcohol, petrol costs) will readily be shared.Two things though should never be shared: cars and girlfriends / boyfriends.Many Canadians like to travel Europe and most of them are interested in trips to Central European or Eastern European countries.Some of them are interested by post communist heritage of these region and some are just bored in Western European countries because they have been there already for many times before.

If one becomes a friend, a true test of this is to see if they will tolerate your attempts to speak Polish.When you walk into a room of 20 people, this can take almost a minute, but it would be considered rude not to indulge in this.These may be the first words you learn in Polish, but you should always say ‘Dzien Dobry’ when you walk into, for instance, an open plan office.It is not surprise that Poland attracts representatives of Canada by its pretty women.Tired of obese counterparts many Canadians enviously look into European direction.

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