The smart dating system

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And one promise of Io T’s smart tech, in fact, is that you may not have to answer questions about yourself at all, because your watch, footwear, clothing, and smart home monitors will do it for you.The report covers three areas of smart dating: wearable tech, the potential of smart homes, and the acceptance of “smartness” overall and its incursion into dating and relationships.Smart home devices will have the potential to reveal even more to our prospective soul mates.The report goes from room to room analyzing the potential of smart devices. The study further predicts 30 percent of relationships will start by online dating by 2026 and 40 percent by 2036.The blockchain helps keep users’ data safe and discreet with no scope for any tampering or stealing of personal and private data from the users’ profile.AI engine helps provide users service in a humanized manner with an understanding of the need of the hour. AI is that it stays (switches mode during these changes) with the user throughout his/her journey with their partners from dating, to relationship, to getting married and thereafter.

Two years ago, they launched Lunch Click dating app that focused on bringing singles from online to offline (face-to-face) date.Future of Dating: 2016 predicts smart tech data will be used by 40 percent of online dating services in the U. It's the fastest way to add due dates and recurring due dates to your tasks, but sometimes a date is actually part of a task name.In 2014 the twosome’s first report predicted as many as 70 percent of couples would hook up online.In 2015 they were all about the future potentials of full-immersion virtual reality and DNA compatibility matching, combining sensory experience with a factor checklist of nearly unimaginable length.

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