Shonen ai dating games

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Yes, there's better stuff out there now, but this is still a classic you should watch. These games allow to player to interact with a storyline as a male character and end up with one of the other various male characters in the game by selecting the right 'options' for their play path throughout the game.

While further, deeper research into the history of the term would provide you with more complicated (and perhaps confusing) explanation, we have chosen the popular definition to go with and provide you with ten shounen ai manga titles that would be worth your time to check out!

Most of these games are hardcore yaoi in video game format and include CGs (nice big colored pictures) of explicit yaoi content as well as Japanese voice acting for all of the scenes.

The games themselves are mostly for the PC but a few games are available in other platforms as well.

In order to max out every item in your inventory you can type "Conspiracy" into the cheat screen.

Your character has a number of stats to choose from at the beginning of the game, like romance, strength and speed.

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