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This would be almost impossible to explain over the phone.

Another reason why we have chosen to offer support via chat is that contacting the chat support is free and accessible from every computer with an Internet connection.

Of course for some people, this means that they need adjust to using chat or mail support instead of speaking to a person over the phone.

But most people who try our Live Chat discover that it is very efficient and personal at the same time.

The level at which support can be provided is inherently linked to the price you pay as a client and the product you receive.

If you need more help, you can always write us an email.

In that case, you will receive an answer within 24 hours - though often sooner.

In this aspect, chat support has proven to be an excellent solution that accommodates the need for fast assistance at a reasonable price level.

By offering chat support, is able to provide a high level of support with a short response time that would otherwise not be possible.

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