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Moving on, I hope to see you in a true movie comeback, your part in "The Prince" was too small and to obvious.

I know it was just another opportunity to get your feet wet with American cinema/films...you were better in Ninja Assassin.

I had the pleasure of watching your last television drama "My Lovely Girl" and it was nice but I feel strongly that you could have had a stronger female lead than the one cast.

Not that the young lady couldn't act, just needed someone more mature..an actress that could convey it sincerely, which was missed a lot in that drama....someone like Gianna Jun (actress from The Thieves, Berlin Files, Love From Another Star) Aside from that, I feel that you did a lot of work to carry the script, which wasn't well thought out toward the end.

As an African American of course I've enjoyed an array of R&B songs and singers.

I saw him, in Ninja Assassin these days before, and I've started to research about him!

Truth be told, a lot of your fans had hopes for a Ninja Assassin sequel..I guess the time has passed for that.

Personally, I've think you could play anything from a serial womanizer, a serial killer (think Ted Bundy...a real life American serial killer who was good-looking for his time thereby allowing him the opportunity to kill as many women as he did), a dancer....yeah, I know but truly you could (think something like Salsa which starred Darco Rosa or Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze)...a period piece I'd like to see you try a historical piece.

I know I named a lot of American films, please forgive me but it's the only think I have to compare it too as I haven't watched to many Asian films.

Nevertheless, I'm saying you are terrific and should be paired with men and women who are equally terrific when acting....nothing but the best for Rain!!!

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