Project updating network diagram

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Learn more about diagram building A diagram rule is configured on the diagram template to be executed for each diagram based on that template at its generation and update.

Several rules can be configured on a template; they are chained in their entry sequence order, the rule#1 running on the initial set of utility network features used as input and the rule#N on the features resulting from the execution of the rule#(N-1).

For example, a diagram template can be set up for a schematic of primaries and switches, another for a schematic of the internal diagrams of the devices, another for each circuit, another for single lines, and so on.

Learn more about network diagram building Learn more about how to manage rules and layouts definition on your templates The diagram layer definition is set up on a diagram template.

However, for this particular type of map, closing the last map view of a diagram map removes the related diagram map item from the project The graph is the mathematical structure made up of containers and junctions, which are connected by edges.

Learn more about diagram rules Diagram layouts can be run on the fly on either the entire content or parts of a network diagram that is currently displayed in a diagram map view.

A diagram layout can also be configured on the diagram template to be automatically executed at diagram generation.

During network diagram building, the system manages such a graph, called a diagram graph.

Depending on the rules specified on the related diagram template, this diagram graph can change several times, such as after each diagram rule execution, or when diagram features have been removed, or added, or aggregated in the diagram graph.

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