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And you can handle multiple conversations simultaneously.Impractical on mobile devices: Most web traffic comes from mobile devices, but live chat is difficult to manage from a phone.If someone is able to leave the screen up for the entire conversation, awesome! Session timeouts; doesn't work on-the-go: Combining the previous 2 points, if you become "inactive" in the live chat by not responding for a little while, you're conversation ends.

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If you wish to chat as a guest, enter a username and click on the "Login" button.Just fill in the required details and click on the "Register" button.You are then able to use the same nickname every time you enter the gay web chat.Then begin your simple gay chat by clicking on the section you desire, and you will automatically connect to the chat platform where you can start meeting hot guys from around the world.Most of our gay chats are completely free without registration.

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