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No mention of Gordon Jackson being "in the life" in Kenneth Williams' diaries. He was dating Saoirse Ronan years ago Saoirse is a closeted lesbian so does it make George gay? I'm following his works since 2013 (He had three films for 2013: For Those in Peril , Sunshine on Leith and How I Live Now ) he was a child actor and working since 2003 .They were edited to prevent embarrassment to/avoid libel suits from various actors and celebrities. Mr Porter Fall 2017 Men's Fashion Shoot Mr Porter Fall 2017 Style Preview Mr Porter prepares us for fall with a new style edit.I think the late husband of Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, said it best, (and I paraphrase): 'for god sake, I am an actor and all actors are gay! "(Reading the listing of actors suspected of being gay (in the U. He actually tells him at one time because he can't bear it anymore, which leads to a bit of knot of the thread for his and Craig's friendship. But the strong friendship leads to a drunken kiss at a party which Hannah sees, and you can only imagine the rest. But Craig doesn't really like him and Hannah absolutely hates him! But Craig is a bit jealous and it all leads up to him not being able to resist John Paul anymore, so they end up having sex. Of course, Craig has a bit hard to handle what happened, and he seems a bit regretful.John Paul is actually wrongly to take the blame for the kiss because he is gay, but it is so obvious that it is Craig who kisses him. Nothing really happens though, cause Craig still dates Sarah and Johhn Paul meets his first boyfriend Spike, played by Tom Vaughan. But it doesn't take long before the both has a secret relationship.But Craig's problem is he loves both John Paul and Sarah, and he is not able to choose.

Other gay British actors include John Sessions, Olly Alexander (better known as a singer but has had several acting roles too), Mark Gatiss and, of course, John Barrowman. Those born in Northern Ireland may choose to be either British or Irish. Denholm Elliot was bisexual, as were Alan Bates, Sir Alec Guinness, Sir Larry and Jeremy Brett. Dirk Bogarde Charles Gray Tim Curry Peter Wyngarde Richard Chamberlain Sir John Gielgud Ian Charleson Harry Andrews Gordon Jackson Christopher Biggins Edward Hibbert Graham Chapman Ian Charleson John Inman Scott Neal from Beautiful Thing and The Bill. Peter O'Toole was gayer than a priest's picnic basket. I suppose TECHNICALLY you might call some of those men bisexual solely based on the fact they married women and might occasionally stick their penis in their wives, but for most intents and purposes they were flaming pole smokers....

It goes so far as that Craig and Sarah gets engaged and John Paul makes her find out about him and Craig on their engagement party. But it turns out well, because Craig is happy with his "choice" and he asks John Paul to move to Dublin with him, where he is going to study. Back home in Hollyoaks, John Paul starts to have a secret relationship with the local priest Kieron Hobbs (Jake Hendriks).

But of course, no happiness lasts in Hollyoaks, John Paul doubts that Craig really love him because he can't show affection in public and he dumps him on the airport. What's so shocking about that you might ask, but Kieron is a catholic priest and you all know about the chastity vow.

And lets not forget Noel Coward and Ivor Novello, and writers like Terence Rattigan.

Laurence Harvey (not strictly British) was a well known bi/gay too - he certainly know how to charm the older ladies like Hermione Baddeley, Joan Cohn and Margaret Leighton despite being producer James Woolf's "protege", and I am sure Stephen Boyd was, despite his two brief marriages at the start and end of his career.

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