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Like it didn’t matter what I felt, or what I wanted. When Sonny was curious about why she was so invested, Emily confessed she had been raped.

This isn’t just a body, Conner, just flesh and blood and muscle that you can use and abuse any way you want. She had resisted therapy in the beginning, but she now understood that her sessions were helping her in way nothing else could.

One might, Emily rescued Sonny’s son Michael from drowning. He even staged a kiss with his ex-wife in hopes that it would send Emily running in the opposite direction. Terrified that Sonny might lose his life, Emily confessed she had fallen in love with him. Sonny’s sister Courtney died, but the son she shared with Nikolas survived. She thought she had lost her sensuality with the rape, but slowly it had re-awakened over time with him. Sonny & Emily already had so much opposition from all of Port Charles, in the face of so much sadness and death following the virus epidemic.

In a moment of weakness overcome with growing feelings for Emily the two kissed. Amidst the craziness of a viral outbreak at General Hospital, Jason told Sonny if her pursued a relationship with his sister, he would have no choice but to take drastic measures to stop it. Aware that things could have gone another way, and Sonny could have died, Emily decided she wanted to be with him. She hadn’t been intimate with anyone but Nikolas since the rape. Sonny & finally gave in to their feelings and made love. They decided to keep their relationship temporarily secret.

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She felt that she would hurt him if he knew the truth. While in role-play during a therapy session, Emily was able to confront “Conner” with all the agony she’d been keeping bottled inside: “You took my body like it belonged to you… ” After experiencing the benefit of therapy herself, Emily found a great deal of comfort and fulfillment offering support to Sonny’s little boy Michael (who was also in therapy, but didn’t want to stick with it.) Emily offered to reach out to Michael and help him understand that therapy can be very helpful.Emily continued to support Michael, and she was a sounding board for Sonny when he finally had to send his ex-wife Carly to a hospital to seek professional help.Nikolas eventually became aware that Emily was intentionally avoiding being alone with him.Sonny immediately could relate to her experience as he had gone though his own darkness as a child, at the hands of domestic violence.The two experiences resonated in that they “crippled the soul.” A friendship based on mutual respect blossomed.

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