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Their relationship became romantic after Ralph returned from Miami in 2000, following the deaths of both Jackie Sr. made a name for himself by robbing a card game with Tony Soprano), but the heist went awry and a contract was put out on him.Unbeknownst to Rosalie, it was Ralph who ordered her son's death.Carmela upset Rosalie by asking about her grief over her son and husband while they were supposed to be enjoying their trip, but Rosalie was quick to forgive her friend.She also comforted Carmela through some difficult moments while they were away.

Rosalie belongs to the same church as Carmela and is a friend of Father Phil Intintola — she thinks of him as a sweet man.They visited many of the city's sights and Ro lit candles for her late husband and son in a church.While there, she pursued a brief relationship with a much younger Frenchman named Michel.Rosalie was supportive of Ginny Sacrimoni when her husband John was arrested; she attended the wedding of Ginny's daughter Allegra, and took part in a birthday celebration for Ginny at her home.Rosalie accompanied Carmela on a trip to Paris in the Season 6 episode "Cold Stones".

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