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Also in evidence is his futile war with Encyclopedia Dramatica and the growing awareness of trolls to his existence.

Chris has not been back on the site ever since late 2009.

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) at about 37 percent, while a travel photo sits at just over 30 percent.

(This is not the case for women who have very prominent cleavage photos—the rate of decline in messages slows significantly for an aging woman if she has a cleavage-heavy pic on the site.

"A 32 year-old woman showing her body gets only 1 less message a month than the equivalent 18 year-old; an older woman not showing off gets 4 messages less, a large relative fall-off in popularity," wrote OKCupid.) Up to this point, we have largely been talking about rates of initial messages—what tends to get people's attention up front.

Some additional information is available, thanks to early research and hacks.

Because we have four versions of his sweetheart requirements, these have been grouped together to illustrate his changing mood over time. I have a Commodore 64 computer, NES, Game Boy, GB Color, GBA, GBA SP, SNES, Genesis/Sega CD/32-X, Game Gear, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube and a Nintendo DS. Music: I like all kinds of music, too many to list here..I do like Daft Punk and music from the 90's.

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