Macbook pro battery icon not updating

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If all else fails, reset the System Manager Controller (SMC) which returns hardware settings to default values, and basically sees the Mac Book re-evaluate the battery from scratch, removing the chance that the device has an incorrect status likes the ones mentioned above.After resetting the SMC, press the Power button to start up the Mac Book and see if the problem has been fixed.Unfortunately Apple removed the battery time indicator when Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 launched (probably because it wasn't all that accurate).Now that you know how much time you have to get by before your battery packs up for the day, although the time indicated is only a guide.This might sound rudimentary but it’s worthwhile, especially if your battery only ever holds around 50% of its charge.However, it is worth noting that Apple says newer models are pre-calibrated and so this approach won’t work for them.

If you are running a verison of Mac OS X that's pre-Sierra you can get an idea of how many hours worth of battery life is remaining by clicking on Open Energy Saver Preferences.

Here's how: You can also use Activity Monitor to check that you haven't got any "runaway process".

A process could be an app, or another feature of Mac OS X or mac OS, and sometimes they go awry and cause the processor to work overtime.

However, there are a few ways you can get the most out of your battery, we'll share tips for increasing Mac battery life below.

Apple introduced a handy feature in OS X 10.9 Mavericks - the ability to see what apps are using up your battery.

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