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Plus, those glasses of tap water will take ages to get refilled by your waiter, if they’re refilled at all! At moderately-priced places, a large bottle of mineral water for the table should cost no more than 2 euros, maybe 3 in more expensive cities like Venice. If he asks you if you want one after he’s brought the bill and/or you’ve paid, it’s probably a little “thank you” on the house.Sometimes, waiters will ask if you would like an winds up costing an arm and a leg — and you don’t realize it until you get the bill.In a lot of cases this will just be an assumption on the part of your server that as a traveler, you’d like the best but (as is the case anywhere) it’s wise to know what you’re ordering before you order it.you could say (an antipasto for two), even if there are four of you. Italy is blessed with some of the tastiest fish in the world, but since fish is usually charged by weight at restaurants, this can get a little confusing.

When your waiter brings you a bill (remember, you have to ask for it! (Again, ask for “ When an Italian restaurant charges you for bread, it’s generally not per basket. It’s typically about 1.50 euros per head, perhaps 2 or 2.50 in pricier, more-touristy places like Venice or Sorrento. Note: Some restaurants try to attract tourists by saying, “No service charge! That’s fine but it means the place is pretty touristy.

Here’s what a fiscal receipt looks like: If you don’t get one of these, feel free to kick up a stink. For the most part, eating in Italy is a fantastic experience you won’t soon forget.

Just be aware of local customs and be savvy when ordering if you’re on a budget.

Insurers sometimes dangle warranties on the parts (for as long as you own the vehicle) to entice you to go to shops in their network.

But the body shop’s guarantee is the one that’s important. I knew that if I were in any accident, there would be no getting around paying the full deductible.

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