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The content of the inscriptions disclosed that reading and writing abilities existed throughout the military chain of command, from the highest echelon all the way down to the deputy quartermaster of the fort.

"We designed an algorithm to distinguish between different authors, then composed a statistical mechanism to assess our findings," said Sober.

In old testament God explain the reason for the creation of the heaven and the Earth and life in it, the reason for the original sin and the fallen people, all important prophecies for the camming of the Savior - Jesus Christ the Son of God and for the edn times - in the book of Daniel .

The new testament reveal the way for the slavation and important prophecies for the end time which are in full harmony with those from the old testament.

Reading and writing were not limited to a tiny elite." "Now our job is to extrapolate from Arad to a broader area," said Prof. "Adding what we know about Arad to other forts and administrative localities across ancient Judah, we can estimate that many people could read and write during the last phase of the First Temple period.

We assume that in a kingdom of some 100,000 people, at least several hundred were literate.

Considering the remoteness of Arad, the small garrison stationed there, and the narrow time period of the inscriptions, this finding indicates a high literacy rate within Judah's administrative apparatus—and provides a suitable background for the composition of a critical mass of biblical texts.

"Scholars have long debated how much of the Hebrew bible was composed before the destruction of Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Judah in 586 BCE. In fact the Bible is composed from old and new testament which are inextricably linked and can not be separate.The research engaged new document analysis algorithms aimed at identifying different writers.It detected at least six contemporaneous authors within a corpus of 16 inscriptions.586 and 200 BCE." Citation: Handwriting analysis provides clues for dating of old testament texts (2016, April 11) retrieved 2 September 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2016-04This document is subject to copyright.Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission.

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