Given up hope dating

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He’s been my husband for almost nine years now, and we are happier now than ever.” That’s a paraphrased version of a story one of our coaching clients, Megan, lived through a while back.It’s one of those life stories that really stuck with me – one that I still think about on a regular basis.Never apologize for what you feel and what you don’t feel; that’s a betrayal of your truth.No matter how much advice people give you, sometimes you have to feel things out for yourself, make decisions on your own, experience things firsthand, and build your own conclusions from the ground up the old fashion way.Someone who knows you’re not perfect, but appreciates you as you are. Someone who says, “I love you” and then proves it day in and day out.Find someone who wouldn’t mind waking up with you in the morning, seeing your wrinkles and grey hair, and then falls in love with you all over again.And that’s what this article is about – some good reminders for Jay, and for all of us…

Find someone who isn’t afraid to admit they miss you.You simply can’t live your entire life through someone else’s fantasies.There must be compromise and the space to do what’s right for you, even if someone you care about disagrees. Listen to loved ones, but don’t lose track of your inner voice in the process.And just keep living and laughing and making God glad that he gave life to someone who loves and cherishes the gift. No matter what you do or how amazing you are, throughout your lifetime some people will still upset you, disrespect you, and treat you poorly.If a relationship is closing you off from the world, it’s time to break free. After all, that’s what love is all about – freedom. Let them be; let karma deal with the cruel things they have done.

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