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So that’s why I clasped onto this script with great hope. Donovan I got hooked on the voiceover, the first page is a voiceover, it says, “You know what it’s like to be a spy? He’s such a wonderful man and a fantastic actor, it was an absolute pleasure. Donovan I didn’t really work with him much, so it was all Gabrielle and Carlos. Freud, I would say that Michael is probably some sort of borderline personality disorder who grew up in incredible fear in a dysfunctional hostile family.

” I love the idea that not only do I get to play a spy, I get to play a burn spy, and on top of that, I can talk to the audience about what it’s like being a spy. Donovan So without giving too much away, Gilroy, who’s basically a psychopath controlling Michael’s actions, has to deliver a plane that has a secret piece of cargo in it and needs Michael’s help to do it. So I only met him in brief, I think at the lunch table.

Fiona is fabulous, because sometimes a girl just wants to see things blow up and she’s the answer that we’ve all been praying for. I think she wants to feel secure, but again I don’t know what that definition of security might be to her.

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It’s pretty remarkable, especially he’s got such a heavy workload and yet he still can create these fabulous side characters. I don’t have that in my repertoire, so I’m glad it’s all on his shoulders. Those little tiny quirks make it so much more interesting than if it were just what was on the page I think. Donovan Some people call those crutches, those are crutches. But my favorite character of all has to be Michael Mc Bride, the Irish character that I played. Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of Sarah Fulghum with . Is it just like here’s your script and have at it or is there more training and research involved in your roles? Donovan We have an ex-operative that actually is a consultant on our show that Matt Nix and the other writers have access to, so everything that is put into the show gets vetted through him before we air it. And to both of you, what has been your most memorable experience with meeting the fans of the show? I know we work really hard, so surprised, yes, we’re always surprised when anything succeeds in this day and age. And if you’re in charge of everything, where would you like to see them go I guess in the season or in the future? When you’re dealing with espionage and covert affairs, sometimes the secret is more exciting than the knowledge. Anwar I’m quite happy with Fiona’s enigmatic state of being. Can you tell us where your characters going and why, as well as who’s going with him? And by the end of the show, Michael is actually transported out of Miami, but I can’t tell you where, but it’s a bit of a cliffhanger. Rarden Well that’s good enough, yes, we wouldn’t want to give everything away. So for both of you, what first drew you to the show and to your characters? So that was what intrigued me about playing a character. Now, he uses all the things that damaged him as his abilities now to help others. What would Fiona’s assessment of Michael be from an objective potential opponent or ally position? Anwar His ability to decipher the characteristics of the problem at hand you mean, that assessment of him? If we were both in charge, I would love a deeper insight into Michael’s past, that’s for me. I don’t think I need to know more about, I’d love to know more about where you’re from, absolutely, but I quite like not knowing. Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of Joshua Maloni with , please go ahead. Okay, and then my second question is for both of you, when my husband and I saw the previews for , which we loved. When you sign up for a TV show, you don’t know if it’s going to be for a pilot or for the rest of your life, so I wanted to play a character that I enjoyed thoroughly, and there weren’t that many of them out there. I wouldn’t even go in to trying to figure out Fiona. Anwar Well, I don’t even understand your question, so let’s just leave it at that. What do you like about this particular medium and why do you keep coming back to television? I think why people are drawn more now to cable shows than ever is that they take more risks, they’re creatively pushing the envelope. I have my own personal threshold and it was at the end of season one. I think that the networks have to answer to a bigger advertising calling, whereas the smaller cables have lower ceilings that they can bump their heads on.

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