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You don’t need to wait until your friends are online to chat.All video chats are saved on the cloud and don’t crowd up space on your device, so you can watch and rewatch videos as many times as you’d like, absolutely free. Glide is an awesome free tool for anyone who wants to chat with their friends and family in a fast, personal way.Effective 09/01/17, we are no longer supporting Glide for Windows phones. Glide is a live video messaging app that combines the convenience of texting with the expressiveness of video.You can continue to download Glide for your Windows phone or continue to use your previously downloaded version of Glide but we will no longer be providing updates or troubleshooting issues. Now your friends can see you smile and laugh instead of getting an emoji or an “LOL”. Glide is really easy to use: Just tap on the record button and your video message will be sent instantly. Your friends can watch you live as you record, and you can see their response in less than one second after you finished. Glides can be watched whenever you’re ready - chat live or later.If you are moving from a higher-priced plan to a lower-priced plan, you are charged as follows: For example: You subscribe to the Pro plan (/month) on June 1st and downgrade to the Basic (/month) plan on June 15th, with your next billing date being July 1st.Pro-rata remaining days = 0.5 (15/30) Credit for unused higher-priced plan = (30 * 0.5) Debit for remaining lower-priced plan = (10 * 0.5) Amount Applied As Credit = (15 - 5) On July 1st (your next billing date), the pro-rated credit will be applied due () will be added to the cost of the new plan () and you won't be charged for this month.

I am so glad I did, I signed up as a member and I found the love of my life!

If you get users in excess of what your plan allows, they will not be able to join your chat.

If this happens to you, you can upgrade your plan and they will be able to join.

All purchases are deemed final at the point of sale.

Users who purchase a year-long subscription, for instance, will pay for the entire year up-front, and are not entitled to a refund.

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