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Such might be the case with Linked In—which, at over 450 million members, is the world’s largest professional networking site.

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So if you’re crushing on a complete stranger, start by “following” that person on your chosen social media platform.“He came over for literally no reason the other night and told me everything,” she tells “We wound up going for a walk and then sitting on our apartment roof for a while.I then get a weird message on Linked In the next day—he clearly didn’t want his wife to know he was chatting up girls.“Linked In has the lowest barrier to entry and is the least ‘risky’ social platform to connect with someone,” she says.“If you get rejected, you can always default to, ‘Well, I just wanted to connect for professional reasons.’ This is why I think people use Linked In to ‘test the waters’— they view it as less aggressive than a Facebook or Instagram request.”If it is a certifiable trend, it's both interesting and problematic.

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