Feminized sissy cuckold dating

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I groaned in ecstasy as the silky material caressed my cock and balls causing more precum to ooze from the slit.“I see you like panties as well as cum. If you can’t give me babies then as far as I’m concerned you’re a cum eating sissy. She had found the thing that would make me her slave and do anything she wanted by raising my sexual libido to a point I couldn’t refuse her.Now go in the bathroom, take a shower and shave all the hair off your body except your head and eyebrows and then put on the clothes I laid out on the bed for you.”“Honey, please, please. I was a true submissive under the control of a dominatrix.The cum coated the inside of my mouth and my lips with a semi-sweet, salty flavor that clung to my inner flesh all the way to my s Jakksonnach.“Let me see.”I showed her my empty hand and she smiled up at me. You’d better get used to the taste because you’re going to be eating a lot of it from now on.”“Oh honey, please.”“I told you there were going to be a few changes around here.Now put these on.” she told me as she stood and slipped off her panties and handed them to me.“Oh honey…”“PUT them on.”Almost crying I took them from her and put them on.They want fresh eyes to see the total enslavement of their sissy wimp husbands.The cuckolded sissies writhe inside as the strange men observe them with open disgust and inevitable mockery.Tests showed that I had a low sperm count, which I think triggered a feeling of antagonism in her toward me as she began to interject snide comments into our conversations about my inadequacies.I tried to be patient and understanding and tried to talk with her about investigating insemination programs to solve our problem but she couldn’t bring herself to pursue it.

Most of the week went by without conversation and laying far apart in bed at night.I caught her looking at me strangely at times and I wondered what she was thinking.Friday evening I came home and after dinner she said, “I have another video we can watch tonight.”“That’s wonderful honey.” I told her hoping that things were getting back to normal.She was happy for the next couple of weeks while we waited to see if she got pregnant but one day I came home from work to find her lying on the couch crying.“What’s the matter honey?” I asked as I knelt down and tried to take her in my arms.“I got my period today.” she cried out as she twisted out of my arms and stood up. ” Tears were running down her rage-contorted face as she stood over me with hands on her hips.“I’m sorry honey.

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