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The profiles claim that she was once the winner of a high-profile beauty pageant and has modeled for several skincare and food companies.

Du was described online as an actress that has worked with several fashion magazines and television shows.

They make use of the convenience of some mobile social applications in order to escape the eyes of the police," Tao Ran, a procurator of the People's Procuratorate of Shenzhen said."However, organizing, introducing and providing a venue for prostitution activities are all illegal offences.

Despite the fact that the Internet has made it challenging for police to crack down on prostitution, the five who were arrested in May shows that the Internet is not a safe haven," he added, Yangcheng Evening Post reported.

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In the groups, members and administrators would send sex workers' and customers' information to each other.

They would invite customers and sex workers to join their group and then earn referral fees by arranging meetings between the two groups.

They themselves would also sleep with paying johns.

The information included the planned location of the sex, prices, the sex worker's appearance, the worker's popularity and customer's requirements.

Some women would even fly to other countries to provide sexual services after sealing a deal.

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