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In this image, hazy skies extend from Denmark, lower right, west to Iceland, upper left.

The densest of the smoke hangs over the Shetland Islands (lower center) and the Faroe Islands (left center).

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Maternity and paternity leaves The Faroe Islands has a well-developed parental leave scheme that is funded jointly by employees and employers.You specify exactly who you are looking for an all the messages that are good go to your mailbox all other messages go to your junk mail!Fastest signup, just log in with your Facebook account and you are done or sign up with your email.The Faroe Islands have a well organised labour market that delivers the human capital necessary to drive a productive and growing economy.It exists alongside the wider welfare system in the Faroe Islands, which provides the economic security and employment benefits needed to support a dynamic workforce and a healthy balance between work and life.

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