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I'm still at the beginning now enctype X is default (so there are no longer problems with big endian processors) and has been added the -R option which shows all the rooms of a game available on the Gamespy Peerchat server (thanx to CHC) substituited Open SSL with another DES function which makes the executable a lot smaller and modified the headers of some source files (so NO changes to the core) with the suggestions of Jari Aalto of Debian added full support to the protocol and algorithm used by ANY game to query the GS master server (use -t -1 to enable it), an option to receive the informations of each server directly from the master server (-X) and now the query of the servers through GS natneg must be enabled with the -G option now the webgui and -Q scanning is slower since I have implemented the reping of the servers and the usage of the Gamespy NAT negotiation for the queries 0, 8 and 11.

removed some filtered chars in the -Q scanning solved a bug in the backup SQL query and removed the underscore filtering (thanx to ouioui), added the -E option for ignoring some SQL errors and -D for choicing a custom amount of milliseconds between each query (-Q/webgui) added support to the zeroed compressed files like S_9021__W. Z of YS6, added an option for extracting/listing only the files with a specific extension and moved a size check to the correct location Research: Falcom YS games NA/NI/Z files extractor and rebuilder 0.1complete tool for extracting and rebuilding/appending the NA/NI/Z archives used by the series of games developed by Falcom like Ys Origin, Ys Felghana and any other which uses these types of files Research: Ventrilo RCon tool 0.2rewritten using the ventilofp code (but Ventrilo 3.x is not supported yet), added support to version 2.2, added the /chan custom commands which allow to create/delete/list all the available chans and many bugfixes I have found a bug in the stristr, in short "findme" is not found in "ffindme".

For the occasion I have also recompiled/updated almost all the 1350 files available on this website with the new links...

now I understand how much stuff there is hereprogram for sending and receiving files with many features: MD5 hash, multiplatform, large file support, listen and connect mode for using it when is not possible to receive connections, file resuming, compression through LZO, password, execution of commands when each file is received, allowed hosts and more.

better Makefile compatible with Mac OSX (thanks Misty De Meo), Endian Set CURRENT_ENDIAN, Put Var Chr VAR 0 &VAR Long for storing VAR or MEMORY_FILE address to use with external DLLs, fixed a bug in Find Loc, improved incremental_fread, new compression algorithms and updates, fixed bug with Call DLL and arbitrary offsets, Call DLL imagebase and address features, fixed small bug in RNC compression introduced in 0.8.0, some fixes in ntcompress and lz77wii, now all the lzrw* algorithms don't check the useless 32bit flag field, xmemcompress working on Linux too, -N option for using decimal sequential names like 0instead of 00000000.dat, -e option to ignore compression errors (debug), fixed rare bug with output filenames in append mode, fixed bug with custom lzss_compress EJ parameter, fixed yappy_compress, fixed bug with -9, added tga and uasset in sign_ext.c, improved compatibility with gcc 7, added json formatter in String, fixed an important bug in unicode strings introduced in 0.8.0, fixed NULL pointer in some VAR[i], String X parameter for experimental parsing of XML and JSON strings, Open SSL 1.1 compatibility Break and Continue instructions fixed and available, experimental Label instruction (use Break/Continue to go to that label), embedded C compiler to be used with Call DLL and the tcc calling convention, C compiler available also with the tcc variable type, updated compression algorithms and added few new ones, fixed a bug with gussed names with -d/D and TEMPORARY_FILE, fix for encryption mode of rotate, better handling of the rnc compression, fixed bug in xchdir, bug in utf8_to_utf16_chr, fixed a problem with if statements having more than 2 conditions, the user will be asked only once to confirm the loading of external dll, -P option to set the default codepage, restored compatibility with Win98, correct filenames output for non-ansi names, -T option for not deleting the TEMPORARY_FILE macosx compatibility, fix for reverse Find Loc, fix for Print with -Q, removed tag SCRIPT's MESSAGE when using Print, added _ and .

trim operators in String, new and updated compression algorithms, Sort Array switched from signed to unsigned (more useful), fix for comtype sixpack, lbalzss and SCUMMVM9, coverage statistics showing also the current offset, better handling of If statements with values coming from arrays, -K option, fix for tea_setup in encrypt mode fixed bug in Find Loc introduced in 0.7.5, compatibility for opening paths and filenames containing non-english characters (like chinese/korean/japanese directories of MMORPG), Oodle 2.3.0 (now fully working), some new compression algorithms, hsel encryption, automatic handling of endianess in EDL1 and EDL2 compression, removed backtrace library used during crashes to decrease the size and granting compatibility with Windows 98, fixed bug in check_wildcard for options -f/-F, fix for recognizing MEMORY_FILE set as key of encryption and other commands removed an unused buffer used with PE/ELF parsing, added handling of SHT_NOBITS in ELF parsing, fix for check_wildcard(), a couple of new signatures mainly for LZ4 so basically the database is still the same of 2013 additional argument for Find Loc to specify the ending search offset, fixed a bug in File Xor/Rot/Crypt introduced in 0.7.4, small fix for the optional arguments of Name CRC, small fix for a rare bug in String, improved printf and sscanf operators of String, new compression algorithms, updated Oodle, isaac encryption, Free Library called in Call DLL at the end of the script, -Z option for replacing all the archived files with zeroes in reimport mode, warning about impossibility to reimport files with wildcards, fix for the XSIZE field in the Log/CLog commands, fix comtype wp16, fix for recursive_dir with invalid sub_folders, improvements for set_utf8_to_unicode and set_unicode_to_utf8, realloc with usage of temporary file in case of failure with big buffers, updated algorithms and libraries, improved guessed extensions for some nameless files fix for String 0 operator, Do While working with multiple conditions, Endian works also with variables containing the saved value, Call DLL usercall fix, added various compression algorithms, fix for filexor/filerot with negative offset, fix for overflowing longlong values read/written using quickbms.exe, simple progress visualization for reimporting, fixed reimporting of MEMORY_FILEs fixed the recent issues of quickbms 0.7.2* (back to 0.7.1 method), some new compression algorithms, fixed identification of comtype ppmdi_raw, fix and improvements for the parameters of the *tea encryptions, improvement of ZIP_AES, various parts of code set as static, small improvements of rsa_tomcrypt, String t and T operators to make easier the handling of html/xml now the TEMPORARY_FILE is deleted automatically at the end of the extraction without asking, added the following compression algorithms: PKWARE DCL, IBM TERSE (PACK/SPACK), PKWARE reduce, a configurable LZW engine, ultima6, lz5 and yalz77, 4 additional formats for RSA keys, fix for sortarray with arrays having different elements, SLog supporting offsets till 4Gb - 1, reimport mode for deflatex/zlibx, added ZIP file creation in addition to the ISO one, -Q for really quiet mode, updated some algorithms, increased the number of allowed arguments per line for If and String S, setvbuf to 64Kb (probably useless), fix for Xmemdecompress with lzxnative and lzxtdecode formats, replaced sub_var strdup_replace with manual alloc memcpy, feature to embed scripts inside for distribution in modkits many fixes: stricmp crash on Linux/Win XP, String =, set basename, putarray, recognizing end of file in fgetxx, coverage statistics of memory files, skip existent files choice/option, double request of files overwrite in some cases, some rare compression algorithms not working correctly, mcrypt comma separator, a couple of magics in sign_ext.c.

simple tool which checks if a Gamespy account (username and password) is valid, works for the accounts created with and for any software and game which uses the Gamespy login, from Gamespy Arcade to Battlefield 2 and so onalmost rewritten for adding endian compatibility (both host machine and file), tons of compatibility for older and newer XWB versions, removing of the XSB support for the lack of compatibility.a player for Linux was really needed so now I can listen the Unreal Championship music on the penguin toosimple tool for playing with the size of the UDP packets (useful for testing possible socket unreachable bugs or flooding the servers of some game engines with socket error messages) and their content, contains also some interesting optionstool for sending RCON commands (both interactive and one only) to servers which use the Quake 3 engine or a compatible RCON protocol.The tool supports also password guessing through brute forcing and wordlist methodsuhmmm I have added support for ZWB and XSD/XSH archives and solved some bugfixes (now each subsong has its rate and channels, watch the previous news about XWB) but the best thing would be the creation of a Winamp plugin for handling archives which I don't know how to do at the moment..tool is finally complete, I have added support for XSB file (now the extracted files can have the original name), support for samplerate, channels and codecs with automatic header and extension plus many bugfixes and enhancementsadded the function TXbox Adpcm Decoder_Decode_Memory() for the usage of buffers, this function has also optimized the reading and writing performance of the files.let me know if you have ideas for building files from Ogg Vorbis/CELT frames fixed a crash with -9 at the end of the process, Call Dll with automatic handling of stdcall functions exported with or without @ name, sega_lzs2 with automatic handling of headers and size, automatic handling of nameless files inside folders (like folder\), -X option that acts as -H for the Windows console (colored fields highlighting with hex viewer), better support for Snappy, another small fix for -d/D, less memory requested for -X/H, additional checks to verify if the reimported file is bigger than the original -O option to redirect any extracted file to the same output file (good to be used with named pipes), exit/error codes, real unicode utf16 support in the bms commands, -Y to answer yes automatically to any request from the tool, full fix for -d/D and support for same input and output folder ("_extract" suffix), fixed getarray with constant variables, fix for -9, -3 option to place INT3 before any Call Dll, support for Windows 98, ffce algorithm, exception handler, added fix for lz4 output size, -D option similar to -d but without folder with name of the file, -f/F filter with negation filter like -f "*.mp*;!*.mp3" (which takes all files with mp* extension except mp3) set UBERFLATE_MAXZIPLEN to a bigger size, if the kzip generated files are too big for the output just skip them (kzip acts like a brute forcer in which only the last generated result is the good one), released the uberflate_test tool endian command with switchable endianess, calldll with RET pointer, fix extraction of files called as memory/temporary files, fixed quickbms.txt, support for floating numbers in String p=, fixed encryption in reimport mode, improved get/putarray, added variable4 used in Battlefield, experimental multidimensional variables VAR[i][j], experimental debugger in the process input (implemented on-the-fly for Simraceway), added the setting of the console title with the most useful information, fixed slash/backslash in the -f/F filters, added other than * in the filters, other fixes added the cabextract compression algorithms, signed variables useful for Get, info about the amount of file covered by the script, processes and modules, possibility of renaming an invalid output filename just by pressing RETURN, use * to select whole folders and subfolders when using Quick BMS with double-click, better performances during the scanning of folders, -S option for executing a program on each extracted file, checked compatibility with Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) Find Loc supporting variables, Sort Array command, quickbmsver with possibility of specifying the -9 option, experimental encryption/comtype with embedded calldll, improved putarray/getarray, some minor fixes and enhancements News: to avoid problems with my hosters I have protected the poc, fakep and pwdrec folders with an empty password or a simple sequence of usernames/passwords.

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