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- NUDITY AND EXPLICIT DEPICTIONS OF SEXUAL ACTIVITY DOES NOT OFFEND YOU.- YOU DO NOT WISH US TO SHOW YOU THIS WARNING AND AGE GATE IN THE FUTURE AND CONSENT TO OUR USE OF COOKIES TO PRESENT OUR WEBSITE AND ITS CONTENTS TO YOU.Andreeva's lawyer Mohamed Saleh denied all the accusations against his client in a televised interview broadcast on the Dream channel, affirming that Andreeva was "committed to wearing the [outfit] determined by the Ministry of Tourism" and that she is the only foreign belly dancer who holds a work permit in Egypt.

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Egyptian public prosecutor Nabil Sadeq has imposed a gag order on Youssef’s case after the two women apparently in the video were arrested.

Occasionally an Egyptian pornstar works in the West and demonstrates her naughty skills.

Andreeva, known by her stage name "Gawhara" ("jewel" in Arabic), was detained on February 6 at a nightclub after multiple videos showing her performing in a belly dancing outfit had gone viral on social media platforms.

The two women were arrested last week on charges of engaging in “scandalous acts”, and were filmed by pro-government media announcing they were both legally married to Youssef and that he was the third person in the video, who is not identifiable in the footage.

It is unclear whether Youssef would return to Egypt, but he told al-Hurra channel last week that he would return once official charges are brought against him.

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