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Applicants are notified of admissions decisions within three weeks of receipt of completed applications.Transcripts and letters of recommendation should be sent to: MFA Admissions Maine Media College 70 Camden Street Rockport, Maine 04856 All other materials should be submitted via one of the following options: Images for digital portfolios should be JPG files and not exceed 1200 pixels in any dimension.Not only are an applicant’s qualifications and preparedness to pursue the low-residency MFA degree considered, the faculty also takes into account the population of current students and strives to admit students who add diversity and breadth of experience to the body.The MFA Committee bases its judgments on materials applicants are required to submit: portfolio, reel, or other documentation of work; essay; transcripts; resume; three letters of recommendation; and interviews with applicants.For more information about ETS and TOEFL scores please contact the registrar at [email protected] There are no minimum-score requirements for admission.Test results are considered in light of other factors used to determine preparedness for graduate study.The low-residency program at MMC is for artists interested in engaging in a rigorous educational experience leading to the MFA degree in the media arts fields of photography, filmmaking and multimedia.The College seeks those who are motivated to produce high-quality creative work under the guidance of experienced mentors and eager to participate in a community of artists striving for artistic growth through individualized practice and study.

Students, instructors, faculty and staff mix, mingle, eat and exchange ideas together on MMW C's 20-acre campus, which is within walking distance to the iconic coastal village of Rockport. degree (or the equivalent in the case of international students), has had extensive practical and/or academic experience in his or her area of endeavor, and is conversant with the history of his or her chosen media.

Beyond that is Maine’s spectacular Mid Coast region, encompassing harbors, ocean, mountains and beautiful natural landscapes. In extraordinary circumstances the MFA Committee may admit an applicant who does not hold an undergraduate degree.

The MFA Steering Committee makes admissions decisions based on its belief, as determined upon review of all application materials and interviews, that a matriculating student has the capacity for graduate level work and is likely to thrive in the low residency environment. In these instances, the applicant must provide persuasive and ample documented evidence of an education equivalent in breadth and depth (Please see “Special Considerations for Applicants without an Undergraduate Degree” below.) (please see “Admissions Advice” below for more detailed information on application materials) Proficiency in spoken and written English is critical to students’ success in the MFA program at Maine Media College.

What follows is a discussion of these elements of the application packet and the ways in which Committee members consider them.

Generally speaking, they are presented in the order of priority that reflects their significance in admissions decisions.

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