Dating my love from angola

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If you think of the lips as forming a long, vertical ellipse, the inside of this is what you should focus on next.As a reference, just above this ellipse, tucked into its hood is the clitoris.Good foreplay, done right is key to getting her warmed up and ready.

This teasing builds her anticipation and gets her ready for what’s next. This is the point where most guys *those who can find it, anyway* go straight for the clitoris, but it’s not time yet.

After kissing her inner thighs, give soft kisses on her outer lips.

Reach one arm under her leg and around over her stomach. Part her outer lips with your tongue to expose the inner lips, and kiss them softly. Slide your tongue over them up one side and down the other a few times, and suck very gently on the sides of the lips.

The tip of your tongue, being soft and wet, should give her a feeling of pleasure.

Listen for her cues, whether they’re moans, vocal, or her breathing.

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