Dating gerber knives

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This large folder is the collaborative effort of Colonel Rex Applegate, Bill Harsey and..BG Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade 31-001901.

For those of you that like the Bear Grylls survival knives the Ultimate knife got even better.

In the past we've only sold these knives in our retail store due to rarity and limited quantities, but now we are making our collection of old knives available online.

This includes but is not limited to highly sought after antique Case, Buck, Remington, Boker, and Schrade.

Hello: I often see advertisements for collector Gerber knives and the owner states the knife was made in such and such a year because of the serial number.

My question is this, is there a book that one can buy that tells one what year the Gerber knife was made?

Crude stone blades were carried by Neolithic hunters who, we might guess, were anxious to subdue their prey before being preyed upon themselves.I think any of Bernard Levine's Knife Guides have the dating chart, I know 4 does.It also gives the dates for other Gerber 'straight knives', I am not sure about their folders. I got a lockback I am trying to ID, but it does not have a serial number.When one side of the blade gets dull, turn it to the other side. Made in USA with good old American 420HC steel in a traditional lock back design.That is what the Gerber Sharkbelly model 30-001409 is, and it only weighs 2.3 ounces...Gerber Obsidian 22-41002 - Serrated.

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