Dating for sex in london

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WE ARE NOT A SUBSCRIPTION WEBSITE Unlike other similar websites, we do not charge a subscription free and there are no monthly charges.When you join Real Sex Contacts you are not tied to a contract or a subscription so there is no commitment.Entrepreneur Nana Wereko-Brobby saw an opportunity in hapless romantics and set up Social Concierge, an invite-only club that pits similarly ambitious and well-off clients together at some of London's swankiest venues in the hope they will find love.Cocaine carnivores But isn't the 29-year-old scared she might be arming London's wide-boys with the dating skills that could create a pin-striped Frankenstein?Wereko-Brobby told IBTimes UK the City's cocaine carnivores are mainly extinct and some of the capital's top earners are now looking to settle down."That whole image of bankers drinking champagne at lunch, taking cocaine, it's such an 80s cliché," she explained."Of course, some people still do it, but I think it is a thing of the past.There is a lack of understanding of how the industry has changed over time.People assume it is still overrun by bankers getting into trouble and behaving awfully.But it isn't."'You're an absolute freak'While online dating apps such as Plenty of Fish and Tinder have created a virtual singles club – and with downloads of the apps in the tens of millions, a crowded one – some of London's most successful bachelors pay Social Concierge £200 a month to set up a date with the help of Wereko-Brobby's matchmaking skills. Over here it takes about two hours for people to warm up but in New York there is a confidence when it comes to dating," Wereko-Brobby said."You can be walking down a street there and be asked to go for a coffee.

" In London, a lot of people treat dating like networking but dating should be fun and not an extension of work."'Wealthy women do not want to play mummy'One of the appeals of Social Concierge is that it brutally culls the duds so you don't have to.The dating app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. "The key thing about Social Concierge is that we do the vetting for people.With Tinder there's none of that and it's a free for all."I find it also breeds a gamefication of dating – people play the Tinder game, score points with matches, even 'complete' other apps when matches run out, but how much do they actually meet up with the people.You can leave whenever you choose, no questions asked.Real Sex Contacts is one of the UK's best British free sex site so what do you have to loose.

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