Dating for divorced christian women

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For some reason, there is the mistaken thought that the rules of immorality are different if you’ve already had a sexual relationship or experienced sex with a previous mate. Yes, the circumstances of your divorce might have involved sin, but if you’ve asked for forgiveness and received God’s mercy and grace, repentance means you stop sinning.Why would you want to test God again by sinning sexually?

I do not need people to tell me what I “should” do or what they would do if they were in my shoes.

I value men’s input, and need to witness healthy marriages to heal.

My grief is compounded when I’m excluded from groups and friends simply because I’m divorced.4. I’m also a mom, a reader, a choir member, writer, health-nut, home-owner, dog-lover, friend, and worshiper.

Divorce is a heavy enough burden to bear without adding shame to the load.3.

I did not suddenly want to be with only single women all the time.

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