Dating antique coffee mills

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The result is a working, decorative display piece that is now valued as art and as a piece of history – an object of everyday life, then and now.Enterprise Manufacturing Company Paint-decorated Cast Iron and Bronze Coffee Mill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, c.

Also, a series of cast iron coffee mills were made and patterned after those made by Enterprise Mfg. They were introduced around the turn of the century and featured a unique six-spoke design on the double-wheel models.

Here are a few manufacturers to know: The Arcade Manufacturing Co. The mill itself was cast iron but the canister that held the coffee beans on top of the mill was clear glass.

of Freeport, Illinois is known for its canister-type, wall-mounted coffee mills. A second much smaller glass container caught the ground coffee at the bottom of the mill.

With a few notable exceptions, you can expect to pay around -0 for an early, primitive, well-used example of a box-shaped, wall-hung, and table-mounted grinder as compared to a few hundred more for a nice, well-made and decorative free-standing one-wheel or two-wheel grinder.

Larger-size wheel grinders from particular companies, and those that have been restored, can fetch several thousand.

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