Credit card dating site

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For Free Adult Dating join the hardest and largest sex contacts site for free.We have millions of active members from all over the world and many more are joining daily and surprising amount of single and married women join every hour.If, for example, a legitimate charge is made on an individual’s credit card and this purchase is later discovered by that person’s significant other, he or she may dispute the charge and initiate a chargeback through their bank.When this occurs, the dating site receives a black mark from their card processor, even though the site itself has no control over the situation, since the purchase made on the card was totally legitimate.You want them to feel it’s easier to contact you than to contact their bank.This is why your customer service lines should be open and answered immediately.

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This also keeps the incidence of fraud below the 1% threshold, thereby keeping the account in a healthy condition.

In addition, many banks set fraud thresholds of as low as 1% for dating sites.

According to Conal, anything in excess of this 1% can carry fines starting at 0 per incident.

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