Checking for the latest version of windows updating software loop bluetack lists not updating

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When a fresh copy of Windows 7 is installed, the update mechanism originally included with the operating system can't interact with the new Microsoft servers, causing the update check to hang.

Just plug an Ethernet cable into your router and one to your PC.

You can also plug the Ethernet cable connected to your router directly into your PC.

After we restart the service, Windows will check which files are already downloaded.

It may be a problem with your wireless driver or the current operating system may not be willing to accept the download over a wireless connection.

You can switch to a wired connection and start the Update Manager again and test the issue.

Now if you used method one to turn off Windows Update, also follow method one here. Note: Always run the command prompt and the services tab as an administrator.

You might experience an error if you forget to use full authority.

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