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Long marked by insularity, the Bukharian Jewish community is building new bridges with the broader American Jewish community in an effort to confront a new set of challenges.

Whereas a generation ago the newly immigrant community’s main struggle was adapting to life in America, today the community is facing the challenges of how to maintain its distinct Jewish identity, pay for Jewish day school and keep kids engaged while their parents are at work.

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In Queens, New York, Cyrillic signs adorn storefronts, restaurants with names like Shalom and Cheburechnaya serve bread baked in a tandoor and a museum showcases elaborate robes and kippot - all signs of the thriving community that came from Central Asia, bringing their unique heritage with them.

Parts in the Early Creature Creator are the same parts that were available in the Cell Stage.

When constructing a creature in the Creature Stage these parts are only available at the very beginning of the stage; if you have evolved your creature from the Cell Stage then only the parts that you unlocked in the Cell stage are available.

The memorials represent one custom among the many traditions members of the community are dedicated to maintaining in their diaspora."Every day, every restaurant is full," says Lana Levitin, a real estate broker and manager of Maqam, a Bukharian musical ensemble.

Memorials that used to be conducted at home are held in restaurants during shiva and at 30-day and 1-year anniversaries.

The parts you choose for your creature will decide which base parts you unlock.According to the community's chief rabbi, Itzhak Yehoshua, about 20 percent of the community is Orthodox; 60 percent is traditional but not necessarily observant; and 20 percent is unaffiliated.While some Bukharians are assimilating into secular life, others are becoming ba'alei teshuva, often with an Ashkenazic Orthodox twist.Inside, dozens of men sit late on a Monday night hunched over volumes of Talmud and Torah, their animated discourse filling the study hall.The abilities the parts give in the Creature Stage are somewhat related to their function in the Cell Stage.

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