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"(I witnessed) the intense pockets of poverty just outside the bustling capital," he wrote in a 2011 article for The Business Insider. Yes, I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that poor children around the world often went barefoot, but now, for the first time, I saw the real effects of being shoeless: the blisters, the sores, the infections."Inspired, Mycoskie returned to the United States and founded Shoes for Better Tomorrows.

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The more Toms grows, the less time Mycoskie seems to spend in the office.Howard Schultz doesn't mind talking about all the dumb things he did when he started Starbucks. My staff members call it the "Toms bomb."When I'm traveling, I usually send one e-mail a week to the whole staff. Sometimes, I'll tell them about an amazing article I read in a magazine -- about an issue we should challenge ourselves to think about.I try to stay connected to everyone through letters. I'm a very open person, so I really tell the staff what I'm struggling with and what I'm happy about. When I was gone a few months ago, I was reading a lot of Emerson, so I started sending the staff a lot of my favorite Emerson quotes and poems.Mycoskie was born in Arlington, Texas to Mike Mycoskie, an orthopedic surgeon, and Pam Mycoskie, an author.After first attending Arlington Martin High School, he graduated from St. Mycoskie, who began playing tennis when he was 10, attended Southern Methodist University on a partial tennis scholarship in 1995, and elected a dual major in philosophy and business.

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