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Google and various automakers are testing autonomous cars, robots have a huge effect on the workplace, and did we mention that we're shooting people in Afghanistan and Pakistan with robots? Respondents over the age of 65 were much more likely to see robosex as infidelity, because that's not something Ronald Reagan would do, I guess.

You can even turn on the lights before you get home by using your phone. There is no worry about someone else or an affair, we don't have to worry about disease," said Nguyen, according to the Daily Post.

He didn't agree with the suggestion that doing it with a sexbot is a little like making love to a GPS device. Squire explained that Samantha wasn't just for threesomes with him and his wife. She doesn't spend her days hidden away in a drawer.

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Apparently, they enjoy her conversation on those long, lonely drives as much as they appreciate her availability on those equally long and lonely nights.The goal is to create an emotional connection with its owner.You can choose a sexbot to resemble your favorite actress; the Scarlett Johansson model is popular among male users.Manufacturers are talking with oil companies, as a boatload of sexbots can relieve the stress of workers isolated on all-male oil-rigs for months at a time.Manufacturers would also like to see sexbots in prisons, to reduce rapes and tension between inmates.

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