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On the other hand, there is good reason to believe that a significant fraction of the micrometeorites found drifting down through Earth’s upper atmosphere come from comets.

Although evidence from studies of meteors suggests that a small fraction of the cometary material that enters Earth’s atmosphere in discrete chunks possesses sufficient strength to survive to reach the surface, it is not generally believed that any of this material exists in meteorite collections.

The possibility exists that some collectors represent unintended "timed" collections, pre-dating CD efforts to specifically do so.

We have begun a data dive into the existing collection to identify any collectors that are good candidates for timed collection and will announce them in upcoming newsletters.

For further discussion of the sources of meteorites and the processes by which they are brought to Earth, The principal driving force behind meteorite studies is the fact that small bodies such as asteroids and comets are most likely to preserve evidence of events that took place in the early solar system.

There are at least two reasons to expect that this is the case.

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The low-airspeed collection inherent to balloon-borne flights may improve "dry" collection via foam or other oil-free substrates.

Collection via balloons will serve to supplement aircraft-based collection, and features several improved capabilities.

These include timed collections during long-duration flights, where collection can precisely and continuously cover the period when a specific meteor shower is active.

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