Alicia keys and kerry brothers dating

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Also Mashonda was invited to a birthday party by Alicia and Swizz during the separation and she went. She knew they were seeing each other then and all of a sudden she decided to blast Alicia. I think she saw $$$$$$ All i have to say is look deep into the whole situation. How convient it would be for him to just go and married Alicia keys. Ex-wifey is stupid for putting up with him for so long AND What comes around goes around.Swiss beats loved his wife and he wouldn't have been with her that long and brought another baby in the world with her (while dating Alicia) if he didnt. His wife wouldn't do anything to help them better the situation. That man had been with his wife since they were young. And I'd be bitter too if my husband left me for another woman!She needs to learn the old rule the way u get'em is the way they leave you. Separation is funny and there are many definitions and views of it.Of course he was gon tell her anything she is young and has a lot to learn bout relationships....everything is goin good for her now bout her rainey day will come and then she will see wat it's like to have your husband start seeing someone else. Either way clearly swizz from the gate was never commited to mashonda...has had two kids (his eldest son and daughter) while with her and she still only pinpoints akeys. I have to question Mashondas integrity by repeatedly going to the press and doing interviews and using her kids to make akeys look bad. two of them can read and understand the really wise, mature, or done with character when you did those interviews or made their soon to be step mother out to be some homewrecker even though she wasnt.....swizz is to blame. I agree completely, women have to take responsibility for there own actions.

She is mad because she stayed in a loveless marriage.

No one knows if Swizz and Alicia were having an affair all that time just becuse they were seen together.

It has been said they have been friends for a long time.

turn's out the guy just used me got me pregnant and walked out of my life, this is a guy i cannot even lose my eyes if i don't see him, it happen so fast that he is now everything to me.

next month I was suppose to meet my parents because i have already told them about him.

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